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Биогеотехнологические исследования по переработке цветных и драгоценных металлов
тел . 871645-23878

Научно-аналитический центр «Биомедпрепарат» тел. 871645-20066

Телефон для справок лечебно-диагностический центр "БИОМЕД"

We provide services for the analysis of:
  • ore materials and concentrates of nonferrous metals;
  • natural water, drinking, mineral , medicinal-table and sewage;
  • soil and water extracts from soils;
  • sediments;
  • food products (meat and meat products, fruits, milk and dairy products, animal and vegetable fats and oils, mushrooms )

By the methods of atomic absorption spectrometry such as elements as Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu, Cd, Hg, Ni, Co, Cr, As, Fe, Mo, K, Na are defined. 

 The laboratory is accredited in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has the Accreditation Certificate number KZ.I.03.0030 from 26.07.2011 to meet the requirements of ST RK / ISO / IEC 17025-2007 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, which is valid until July 26, 2016.

The test results, performed by the laboratory, are confirmed by the issuance of the Protocol , the form of which meets the requirements of ISO 17025.

The Types of analyses
1. Analysis of the ore materials:
  • Delivery of samples
Incoming samples must meet the following requirements:
  • Be presented in the form of particulate material of size less than 70 mm or in the form of a powder material ;
  • The mass of each sample must be representative and sufficient for the primary analysis for control analysis of all kinds and for the selection of duplicate analytical samples (not less than 1 kg );
  • Each received sample depending on its size and weight should be placed in a plastic bag, in a package of tracing paper or thick paper;
  • Each package must be specified with a field sample number and the name of the customer.
Preparation of samples of rocks and ores to the analysis (drying, crushing, cutting, abrasion )
The purpose of preparation – grinding of the sample material to size of the particle not more than 0.074 mm and a reduction of its amount from a few tens of kg in the primary sample to 100-400 g in the laboratory sample without disturbing the natural distribution of the defined components in the initial and final material samples.
Подготовка проб горных пород и руд к анализу Минерализация проб
Mineralization of samples is carried out by the method of acid decomposition.
  • Atomic Absorption Analysis
Defining elements: gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, arsenic, cadmium, zinc
  • Equipment:
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AAnalyst 300, Perkin Elmer
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Quantum-2AT
Jaw Crusher SCHD10
Roller crusher DBH 200h125
Disc attritor   ID 200
Muffle furnace and SNOL SNOL 7.2/1100 30/1100
Industrial vacuum cleaner "Vortex 300"
Drying cabinets AL-80

2. Analysis of water, soil, sediments and  food for the content of heavy metals and toxic elements
  • Sample Preparation
Mineralization of samples is carried out by the method of wet or dry ashing.
  • Atomic Absorption Analysis
Defining elements: copper, zinc, chromium, iron, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel.
Атомно-абсорбционный анализ
  • Equipment:
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AAnalyst 300 with  graphite furnace HGA- 850 and mercury -hydride attachment FIAS- 100, Perkin Elmer.
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Quantum - 2AT
Hot-Block heater with controller ETR - 3200, USA
Muffle furnace SNOL 7.2/1100 and SNOL 30/1100