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Биогеотехнологические исследования по переработке цветных и драгоценных металлов
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Научно-аналитический центр «Биомедпрепарат» тел. 871645-20066

Телефон для справок лечебно-диагностический центр "БИОМЕД"

Elite seed potato

The main direction of the lab’s activity - obtaining virus-free seed potato on the basis of biotechnology methods. 
Laboratory provides the following services:
  • Improvement of the customer’s seed potato from a viral infection;
  • Clonal micropropagation of the improved material;
  • Growing disease-free seed: microtubers and minituber of promising, productive potato varieties for the customer;
  • Testing potato for viral infection by ELISA and PCR methods.

The laboratory offers to acquire improved planting material of high-yield
 varieties of potatoes:

  • Aladin
Картофель АладинAladin – intermediate potato variety of multi-purpose application. It is good to be processed into chips. It  stores well, doesn’t germinate. It is resistant to virus Yn, tuber blight, and brown scab. It is moderately resistant to leaf roll virus, virus X, late blight of foliage and fusarium, is immune to cancer. It has a rounded-oval shape, the color of the skin is red, the color of the flesh is white, and the size is large.

  • Kazakhstanskiy
Картофель КазахстанскийKazakhstanskiy – middle-early variety, of food application. The yield is 26 t/ha if the area is well irrigated and well maintained. The ability to keep its quality during the storage is very good.  The variety has a high field resistance to late blight. The tubers are yellow and of oval – rounded shape, the eyes on the surface are small and are not painted. The flesh of the tuber is white.  Marketable tuber weight is 119 grams with 97% of marketability.
  • Kokchetav early-ripe
Картофель Кокчетавский раннийKokchetav early-ripe – a table potato variety, early maturing. The average yield on dry-farming land is 18 t/ha, if it is irrigated, the yield is 32 t/ha. Shelf life when stored is good. The variety is not affected by macrosporiosis, it is  resistant to scab and Rhizoctonia. It can be moderately affected by late blight. Average weight of marketable tuber is 80 grams.
  • Latona
Картофель ЛатонаLatona - early variety of multi-purpose. It possesses good taste qualities, does not become soft when boiled, with enough dry matter content . Average yield  is 30-40 t / ha. Storability is 95 %. Leaves and tubers are well resistant to late blight. It is resistant to scab,  to leaf roll virus Y, to mechanical damage. The variety is immune to cancer and resistant to the golden nematode. Tubers are yellow, round-oval, with superficial eyes and pale yellow flesh.This variety has good taste, does not  get soft when boiled, has enough dry matter content.

  • Nevsky
Картофель НевскийNevsky - is mid-early, table variety.  The yield in the field reaches 20.0 t/ha, with average hydrothermal rates of about 11,0-12,0 t/ha, on the irrigated areas it is over 35.0 t/ha. The quality of tubers during storage is good; however, the period of their peace is very short, tuber eyes wake up rather early. In the field, potato is influenced by late blight, viral diseases, scab. Tubers are white, round and round-oval. The potato eyes are numerous and mid-deep. The flesh is white, slightly darkens on the cut. Marketable tuber weight is 100-120g.

  • Red Scarlett
Картофель Ред СкарлеттRed Scarlett - early ripening variety, which is also a table potato variety. Productivity is high - 40-66 t / ha. The period of peace is average, a pretty good shelf life. The variety is resistant to the golden nematode AM-A (Ro. 1 and Ro.4), is also resistant to cancer. The variety is a bit sensitive to phytophthora of the stem, but is resistant to phytophthora of the tuber. It is rather sensitive to scab, but is drought-resistant. Tubers are large, 85-120 g, with smooth red skin, shallow eyes and yellow flesh. The starch content is 11 - 15%. The potato doesn’t darken when exposed to mechanical damage, does not change color after cooking.

  • Rosara
Картофель РозараRosara - far-ripe variety, used for food. Marketable yield is 20,2-31,0 t / ha (maximum - 41.5 t / ha). The variety can be transported easily, it is resistant to viruses, can be stored well, has a good taste, and doesn’t get soft when boiled.  This variety can be processed into dried potatoes. The tuber is oblong-oval, with red, smooth skin and yellow flesh, the eyes are small. Marketable tuber weight is 81 - 115 g; the number of tubers is 15-17 pieces.

  • Romano
Картофель РоманоRomano - Medium early potato variety of universal culinary application. It gets moderately soft when boiled, has a fairly firm flesh and is suitable for any type of food. The yield is 11-34 t / ha. It is stored well, is not inclined to germinate. The variety is resistant to virus A , Y, cancer, potato nematode, foliar blight, moderately resistant to tuber blight, potato leafroll virus. It is susceptible to scab. The tubers are round-oval; the skin is pink and thick. The flesh is light cream; the eyes are small, not very deep. Marketable tuber weight is 70-90 g.

  • Firmenniy
Картофель ФирменныйFirmenniy - an early variety, good for food. The yields in the irrigated areas is 20.5 t / ha. Shelf life when stored is good. It is moderately sensitive to late blight. The tubers are pink, oval-rounded, the top is blunt, the eyes are few in number, small and red. The flesh is white and doesn’t darken. Average weight of marketable tuber is 98 g with 96 % of marketability.

  • Fresco
Картофель ФрескоFresco - early ripening variety of universal use. The yield is 20,0-39,0 t / ha (max - 45.0 t / ha). The shell life when stored is  78-93%. The variety is resistant to cancer, potato cyst nematode, viruses, rhizoctonia, scab, susceptible to foliar blight, is relatively resistant to tuber blight. The variety can be used to be processed into potato products. The tubers are round-oval, the skin is yellow, the flesh is light yellow, the eyes are small, marketable tuber weight is 100-130 g.

  • Shagalaly
Картофель ШагалалыShagalaly – mid early table variety. The yield when the culture of agriculture is high is about 25.8 t / ha, at the irrigated areas the yield is 36.0 t / ha, the potential yield is up to 45 t / ha. Shell life when stored is good. The variety is resistant to rusty spot tuber, macrosporiosis, scab as well as to phytophthora. The tubers are pink and round-oval. The skin peels, the flesh is white and smooth, doesn’t darken when is cut. The eyes are few, small, shallow and unpainted. Marketable tuber weight is 123-230 grams with marketability 96-98%.