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About company

“Biomedpreparat” was established by transforming the JSC Biomedpreparat Engineering Center and is its legal successor. In 2007, NAC LLP "Biomedpreparat" was registered as a business entity.
The form of the ownership is private, with a share of RSE on PVC National Center for Biotechnology of the Committee on Science of MES RK - 88.7%.

Financial, scientific and industrial activity of LLP "Biomedpreparat" is based on full economic independence with regard to the requirements of legal acts of the RK to businesses.

Ten Oleg Andreevich

At present time the production of the following production has been organized on the basis of LLP Scientific Analytical Center Biomedpreparat:
  • Virus-free seed potato, allowing to significantly increase productivity
  • Bioinsecticides BioKenBid BMP, KS to control pests that damage grain in storage that live in warehouses and at the adjacent areas ( weevils, seeed beetles, moth, snout moths, mites).
  • Bio-fungicide Biomikol BMP, SK to combat fungal and bacterial diseases of cereals (Septoria leaf spot, leaf rust, stem rust).
  • Bioturin, effective against gray ear miner moth, cotton bollworm and the gypsy moth.
  • Bitoksiturin - to control the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and spider mites on cotton .
  • Biologically active substances (BAS) of vegetable origin, obtained by the method of carbon dioxide extraction and used for the manufacture of food products, perfumes, cosmetics, health-care means.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplement KAP Komplex # 1 for the fortification of flour of the highest and first grade, allowing to increase the percentage of useful and essential for human trace elements and vitamins, which is especially important under low vitamin fortification of the population.

Years of experience, qualified personnel, modern equipment allow NAC Biomedpreparat to provide quality services and to be in demand in the country. Research on topical areas of the country, search for the solutions for the countrywide problems associated with the revival of agriculture and improvement of the health of the population, provide the enterprise with the support at the state level.

The structure of the Center

Scientific Analytical Center Biomedpreparat carries out its activities in accordance with current standards and regulations.

Accreditation as a subject of scientific and (or) scientific and technological activities. Certificate number 001686 on August 22, 2011 is available to take part in the competition of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities at the expense of the state budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The quality management system complies with the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001-20009 regarding the implementation of scientific research and analysis, determination of the composition of organic and inorganic products, production and sales for the food processing, agricultural, medical industries and in the field of ecology. Certificate of Compliance # KZ 7100634.07.03.00006 from December 26, 2011
Accreditation in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan to correspond to the requirements ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories # KZ.I.03.0030 from July 26, 2011.
State license for medical activity from May 15, 2009. LP 00407 DC
State license for activities related to the turnover of precursors number 000278/09 dated October 3, 2009
State license for pharmaceutical activity: production, manufacturing, wholesale and retail sale of medicines from May 7, 2009. FD number 65200007 FCAC
State license for the activities to realize pesticides (insecticides) from May 18, 2009 04-036