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Scientific Analytical Center “Biomedpreparat” is certified according to ST RK ISO 9001-2009 for the implementation of scientific research, performance of a wide range of biochemical, environmental analyzes.

Monitoring laboratory is accredited in the Accreditation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with ISO 17025 requirements.

Therapeutic and diagnostic complex
  • Consultative-diagnostic medical aid to the population
  • Diagnostic ultrasound examination
  • A wide range of laboratory tests
  • Treatment room

Biogeotehnological research on processing non-ferrous and precious metals
Heap leaching of bacterial waste from discarded ore with complex extraction of non-ferrous metals

Environmental monitoring of oil pollution
The group of organic analysis has developed
The methods for determining total petroleum hydrocarbons and aliphatic, aromatic petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and water have been developed and approved

Elemental analysis of the different matrices
  • The group of inorganic analysis analyzes geological samples,
  • ore materials,
  • concentrates (molybdenum, tungsten, lead, copper, bismuth, zinc) for the content of more than 10 elements separately or in combination

Certification testing of pesticides
We can determine the active substances, density, stability in the preparative forms of commercial products of pesticides more than 20 types

Biological plant protection means to control
  • pests of agricultural
  • horticultural crops
  • tree plantations against caterpillars of younger ages
  • to protect warehouses and stocks of grain in storage from the complex storage pests
  • to fight against fungal and bacterial crops diseases

Elite seed potato
Production of virus-free seed potato based on biotechnology methods: the method of the apical meristem, growing virus free microtubers in a growth chamber, growing virus-free minitubers on the aeroponical device, in the field nurseries of the 1st and 2nd year of breeding;